ANTI FIRE BALL, fa.fb,- SET with 20 Balls (a`2 Kg.)

The ANTI FIRE BALL, fa.fb, is a type of shaped ball extinguisher.


When simply thrown into the fire, it activates within 3 seconds and effectively distributes the extinguishing agent. If a fire occurs unnoticed, the fire extinguisher ball activates automatically as soon as it comes into contact with the fire.

In addition, there is a loud bang that warns people. Due to this property, it can be used in many areas at risk of fire, such as in the kitchen, car, hotel, etc.!

No special ability is required for use.


Our system is also ideal for fighting forest or area fires. The ANTI FIRE BALL can be dropped in large quantities from an airplane, or be shot with the specially developed air pressure gun over several hundred meters distance into the center of the fire. People do not have to endanger themselves in this way.

The ANTI FIRE BALL can be stored for 5 years and no inspections or maintenance are required.

The fire extinguishing efficiency is 40 times of water extinguishing agent, 6-10 times of present normal ABC dry powder extinguishing agent , 2-3 times of halon fire extinguishing agent, More than 10 times of heptafluoropropane agent.


Scope of application

A: Carbon-containing flammable solids such as wood, grass, paper, plastic, rubber
B: Flammable liquid type fire, such as gasoline, diesel, oil
C: Combustible gas, such as LPG, natural gas, acetylene, methane
D: Flammable solid metal fire, such as magnesium
E: Powered goods fire


SET: 20 pce/balls

Single package size: 

18X18X18 cm

Single gross weight:

2.0 kg


Carton packing

Price is incl. shipping (45 kg), without customs duties or other charges.


Are you also interested in the specially

developed air cannon for this extinguishing system? It enables the fire to be extinguished more safely from a distance of several hundred meters, e.g. during forest fires.


ANTI FIRE BALL, fa.fb,- Set with 20 pce. incl. shipping

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