And after many trials and excellent engineering performance in a great international team, we are finally ready: 

MANGIAPLASTICA can be bought.

A large machine that recycles plastic garbage or used tires (different system) into diesel fuel and other components. 
"Plastic waste in, diesel out!"
No garbage, no toxic gases, we use suitable filters. 

 We are working on installing this system in ships so that they can sail across our seas or lakes, remove plastic waste, produce their own fuel at the same time and separate the residues in an ecologically neutral way.

The operators receive approx. 70% diesel, 25% sulphur (99.9% pure) and 5% ash.
If necessary, we supplement our system with collection components and energy containers. Please read: "Support this project"!  In this way, MANGIAPLASTICA cleans our waters and uses recycled plastic garbage to generate diesel fuel and then electricity that can be stored.


After approx. 6 months this mobile system already generates a profit with appropriate utilization. 
However, the most important factor for everyone should be to remove plastic waste or used tires from our planet and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. 


Size: 4 x 20 feet container, the MANGIAPLASTICA can also be used as a mobile unit on land or at sea.
5 machines are ready and tested.

Unit price: 1 459000 €  (1,6 Mio, US $)
The price is net. + Transport costs / customs duties


Our team takes care of the setup and training.
3 years of service support, worldwide.


To protect development and patents, we only send edited images. Interested parties are invited to visit MANGIAPLASTICA and test the results. Mobile phones or cameras are not allowed on site. Please understand these security measures.


Information: The successful referral fee for this product is $100,000 after purchase and payment.



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    Mobile "green" energy from plastic recycling on land and water!

    MANGIAPLASTICA recycles unseparated plastic garbage into diesel fuel in order to produce electricity as

    MANGIAPLASTICA GREEN ENERGY SYSTEM, with appropriate storage, for up to 550 kWh per day. This is sufficient to supply many households and people with clean electricity. Our system is ideal for areas that have major problems with plastic waste and/or a need for electricity, e.g. in undeveloped areas (townships, favelas, islands, jungles, deserts, etc.).

    We plan, realize and train according to your needs. During the construction and later operation jobs are created. After the environmentally harmful plastic waste has been recycled, the system can be operated with solar energy or wind power, or it can be used in another place. The energy container stores a maximum of up to 550 kWh. Ideally, MANGIAPLASTICA achieves this quota with sorted plastic waste and very little PET content. The system initially produces diesel fuel from it. (in the basic version).

    The machine produces its own fuel at the same time! 

    The system works with unseparated plastic garbage​​​​​​ too and can be used both stationary and mobile. 

    Size: Mangiaplastica, 3x 20 ft. Container. The energy container also has 20 ft. Other equipment, cables, etc. depending on use. Fishing systems for rivers and lakes as required.

    Installation in ships possible.

    Price: MANGIAPLASTICA (Basis Modell)   1,6 Mio. US $ +

              Energiecontainer (max 550 kWh)     0,8 Mio. US $ =

                                              2,4 Mio US $

             The price is net. + Transport costs/customs duties!


    We gladly accept inquiries for new areas of application, subject to reservation.




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  • If necessary, we also supplement our own systems with developments from other companies in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency.