Ideal for the catering trade and in customer talks, show her a smile and stay protected!  Very light, no headaches, also suitable for spectacle wearers!


The use of this protection is also ideal for communication with deaf and lip-reading people.
The question of permissibility is answered because this mask meets more than the minimum requirements for FFP1 protective masks because it reliably and permanently prevents the transmission of aerosols or their direct absorption through the mouth and nose area.

Protective visor Gastro, transparent

10 pcs in a box, 1000 boxes


height: 7.3cm/ 2.8 in
width: 14cm/ 5.5 in
Face shield width: 19cm/ 7.4 in.
Weight: approx. 60 grams.
Fully adjustable cotton headband, can be easily resized

High quality transparent face shield
Anti-Fog Lens
Healthy environmental protection Material
Comfortable chin rest
Widening and thickening Earband
Adjustable ear strap


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Protective visor Gastro, transparent, 10000 pcs.

SKU: 166500
  • Can be washed and reused
    the head circumference can be adjusted to your size
    Material: PVC
    It can effectively block saliva and prevent saliva from spraying onto other people or objects.
    Very suitable for use by staff in the catering industry: such as cooks, waiters, cashiers, etc. Prevent saliva from spraying into customers or food during the communication process Hygienic and healthy.